#HamTwit meetups

2011 Hamvention meetup

L-R KD4EBL and Kritikal (W8FI)

L-R VA3UG and N8FM

KD8NJZ’s “new” Navy Flameproof Key


Front: L-R K5IEM, KD8NJZ, W8FI (kritial), KC9ICE (@chuckclothier), WA2JSG, N8DAH and VA3UG                                                                                                                                            Back:  K4WIC (@oldtrackstar)


KD8NJZ Craig and KD8LYV (@pilotham) Chris

L-R Back: WB8CXO, KD8NJZ, VA3UG, N8DAH, W8FI (kritikal) KD4EBL                  Front: K4WIC (@oldtrackstar)







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