It all started by the fact that we hams on Twitter are just a bunch of twits, plain and simple. But really, by the very fact that we’re Hams, we’re already engaging in “Social Networking.” Ham radio is a much older form of social networking than “microblogging” like we do in Twitter, right? And yet, somehow, we’ve all found ourselves on the platform that forces us to limit our thoughts to 140 characters.

NM8W, W5RAW, and a few others thought it’d be fun to actually get back to our main passion, Amateur Radio, and have a net for those of us that interact on a regular basis on Twitter. Thus, the birth of the #HamTwitNet.

We’d like to give a public thanks to KF5BCM, David, for providing the server space for this website to happen! And finally, thank you to 2E0SQL, Peter from the United Kingdom for allowing use of the “HamTwit” name. Be sure to check out the site that inspired the name for this net: http://hamtwits.com

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  1. Just found hamtwit. I’m coming back to ham radio after a very long break – currently with an expired license of a type no longer even issued, so I’m going through a class again to have another one issued – and probably will have a different call sign, at least for a bit.

  2. NM8W says:

    Dwight: Very cool on studying to get your ticket back again! We’d certainly love to have you join us! 73 de NM8W (formerly KD8NJZ, Craig)

  3. Sorry we’ve been away for so long in the HamTwit nets! Still reorganizing our shack here and haven’t acquired a good headset for the system. 73 for now
    de N4EMP aka @Ham_Nut

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