#HamTwitNet Check-ins September 14th

Good evening everybody, and thank you for you patience with us as the website has not been updated for a while. We have transferred the website to WordPress. Anyways, here is the check in list from the last net. WBØCID was NCS.



W5RAW- Raymond (1)

Worked out technical problem. Troubleshooting node. Got back from Mexico along with Adair and family. Sun, surf and food on the resort. Youngest son got married. 17 travelled down to Yucatan.

Back to work today.

M3ENF Tammie (2) @Almost_Famous83 Half awake. Not much going on there. Ham convention? Work.

KD0LOS Joe (3) Kicking back and relaxing. Busy this week with marching band. Ice cream social. Rehearsal for band. Thanks both NCS and W5RAW for technical assistance.

KE4OLE Jeff (4)  @ke4ole1- Glad to hear everyone. Thanks NCS and W5RAW for technical assistance. Have a great week. Hopes Joe’s HS team will win HS football.

M0TZO Paul (5) Proxy checkin

KD8QWH (6) Anthony  @AnthonyProgar

Hello to all. Just wanted to say hi. Just received ham license. 2 ½ week delay. New to ham radio and EchoLink.


KD5DYP Adair Proxy (8)

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