#HamTwitNet 12/12/2012

Here are the net notes from this evening! Thank you to Jason for running the net tonight! There was a HUGE milestone this evening for the net in which we reached 100 stations who have participated in the net with KC0IWS, Nathan @KC0IWS!


W8FI-In and out. Audio problems.

KC0IWS Nathan-KS0LNK Saturday Night 2100 CST North Central KS ARES Net.  2100 PM tonight net.

KD0LOS Joe-Schoolwork and also noted that KC0IWS was 100th station to check in

AJ4UQ-Rainy all day. Not fun. Burnt out. Working digital net.

WB0CID-Various holiday things, school, also working on D710.



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2 Responses to #HamTwitNet 12/12/2012

  1. tom aj4uq says:

    Working the 2m net, not running it 🙂

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